Pashupatinath tour – Himalayan Friendship Trek

Pashupatinath tour


A short drive of 20 minutes on route Kathmandu airport, visiting areas on this Holy Hindu Temple Pashupatinath complex the first sight by the bank of Bagmati River is the cremation on pyre of Hindu’s deceased body with hay and woods for burning the corpse, after cremation rituals heading on steps towards nicely built rows of small stone shrines inside a Lord Shiva Phallus, from here looking across the Temple of Pashupatinath dedicated to Lord Shiva with silver four doors in each corner and with Golden Roof Pagoda. (Only Hindu are allowed inside the main Temple premises so Non-Hindu’s have to observe the Temple environment from outside). This place is flooded with pilgrims during the auspicious time in February as per Hindu Lunar calendar to worship “Shiva Ratri” Shiva birth anniversary.