Nepal Cultural tour – Himalayan Friendship Trek

Nepal Cultural tour


Nepal is one of the ancient kingdom of South-east Asia and is seventh oldest kingdom of the world that is found before birth of Christ. Nepal’s obsolete history, solitary social community, diverse languages, ancient religions and beautiful artistic craftsmanship offers each explorer a one of kind experience in to an mysterious world. By large known as the Himalayan Kingdom, Nepal is a rugged nation with part of its land as Terai on the borders of India and desert lands on the outskirts of Tibet. Hinduism and Buddhism are the main religion of Nepal with huge number of religious foundations of Hindu-Buddhist found, engraved, established and decorated in various regions of the nation.

The Nepal Cultural Tour takes the tourists to renowned tourist’s destinations beginning from capital city of Kathmandu alongside its bordering urban areas of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur which are registered as three ancient city of world in UNESCO world heritage sites. The Nepal Cultural Tour is followed by visit to different districts of Nepal highlighted with antiqueness, religious importance, historical monuments and natural beauty. Some of tourist destinations of Nepal are Lake city of Pokhara, Annapurna locale, Lumbini religious district, Chitwan National Park for untamed wildlife safari, Langtang valley and Langtang National Park for Himalayan experience alongside antique Tibetan-Buddhist society experience, the world renowned Everest district for witness the Mount Everest which is the highest mountain of the world assorted with other mountains of 8000 meters which are said to be 13 in numbers and each one of those lives in the Everest district of Nepal. Close to Himalaya locale the tourist will visit some legendary traditional towns of Nepal like Dhulikhel, Kiritpur, Bungmati, Khokana, Namche Bazaar, Jomsom, Beni Bazaar, Kirtipur, Biratnagar, Dolkha, Solukhumbu, Palpa, Dang, Baglung, Manaslu, and other authentic destinations. The travel calendar to better places of Nepal is arranged and based upon the tourist’s interest and selection made from provided list of places to travel in Nepal.