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Lumbini Buddhist Pilgrimage


Lumbini Buddhist Pilgrimage is a most picked touring activities by tourists to visit the birth place of Lord Buddha. The Lumbini is the place of religious Pilgrimage for every Buddhists around the world. All holy pilgrimage destinations of Buddhist religion that begins with mainstream Buddhist temples of Swoyambhunath and Buddhanath stupa of Kathmandu valley finishing at Lumbini region of Nepal.

Lumbini is the religious Buddhist Pilgrimage region known for birthplace of Lord Buddha. This travel enterprise covers chronicled and antique regions of Buddhist religion named as Tilaurkot and Gotihawa which are important Buddhist Pilgrimage zone of the world. These area are important focal point for tourist around the globe as birthplace of Lord Buddha. Tilaurakot was principle habitation of Prince Siddhartha Gautam of Kapilwastu district who later became Lord Buddha of Buddhist religion. The world had authoritatively recognized that before 2500 years back Siddhartha Gautam lived on Kapilvastu and Tilaurakot for some 20 years. The archeologists has found many historical remains of temples, buildings and crafts and other evident material. The Gotihawa village is located 3 km south west of Taulihawa village and is said to be the place of Nirvana of Karkuchanda Buddha. The Kapilvastu district is the spot where Lord Buddha spent his childhood and the seasons of secondary school years, in complete luxury. The Kapilvastu district was once the capital of King Shuddhodhan and this region has got various figures of Buddhism which makes people feel calm and subtle. The Kapilvastu district tells the travelers of days when Buddha was a prince living in comfort with his wife and one son.

The other fascination of Lumbini locale are Maya devi sanctuary who is considered as mother of Lord Buddha, Pillar established by King Ashoka of India in late medieval time at 249 B.C, blessed lake known as Puskarni, a Buddhist cloister with ancient rarities and painting of medieval periods.