Mount Kailash Tour – Himalayan Friendship Trek

Mount Kailash Tour


The Mount Kailash Tour is one of the ancient and oldest religious tour of various religious sect of South East Asia. The Mount Kailash Tour is a visit to the holy mountain called Mount Kailash which resides on the banks of holy Mansarobar Lake. The Mount Kailash lies in Tibet of china and on the borders of Nepal and India. The Mount Kailash is holy for all main religious sect of Asia like Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Bons, Tibetans and others. According to ancient legends of all religious sect of Asia the Mount Kailash and the Mansarobar Lake is the origin of all big rivers like Karnali River, Indus River, Sutlaj River, and Brahmaputra River of Asia. These rivers are the mother of human civilizations in Asia and are still present telling that Mount Kailash and Mansarobar Lake is the main cause behind origin of human civilization in Asia. The Karnali River Valley, Indus River Valley, Sutlaj River Valley, and Brahmaputra River Valley is the beginning place of human civilization in Asia. In various religion of Asia the Mount Kailash is an important structure of nature like for Hindus Lord Shiva is living in Mount Kailash while for Buddhists, Jains and Bon-pos this region is the center of the Universe. The main religious ritual done during Mount Tour is the parikrama of the holy mountain or strolling all-round the Mount Kailash and take a shower in Holy Lake Manasarovar Lake in the end. The principle purpose for this religious ritual is longing for salvation and pay homage to god. The Manasarovar Lake is the most brilliant and heavenly pool of Asia with the boundary of 90km. It is called as ‘The Unconquerable Lake’ by the Tibetans as it is lived at the pleased height of 15015 ft above sea level.

The Mount Kailash Tour starts from Kathmandu from either the airplane ride to Lhasa of Tibet and taking the land vehicle from Lhasa to Mount Kailash. The other route to Mount Kailash using the land vehicle only is the booking a vehicle from Kathmandu to Mount Kailash. The travel route goes through the Kodari Highway of Nepal ending at Nyalam Border of Nepal and China. Tibet is a province of china and Chinese government authorizes the visas and other official procedure to enter Tibet. After entering the Tibet the travelers traverses through various traditional Tibetan settlements like Dongba, Darchen and others. The other religious places located around Mount Kailash are Lake Mansoravar, Tirthapuri, Gauri Kund, Yama Dwar, Asthapad and Tarboche.


[Day 01 ] Welcome to Kathmandu, meet our representative and Transfer to Hotel. Overnight Hotel.

[Day 02 ] Kathmandu, Tour of Pashupatinath-Boudhanath-Swayambhunath.O/n Hotel.

[Day 03 ] Drive to (150km), Kerung, 2450m, Overnight Guest House.

[Day 04 ] Rest Day at Kerung, 2450m, Overnight Guest House.

[Day 05 ] We drive from Kerung, 2450m to Saga/4450m, Overnight Guest House.

[Day 06 ] We drive from Saga to Mansarovar(4558m) 230 km 7-8 hrs

[Day 07 ] Pooja and drive to Tarchen (14975ft) 40km, Overnight Guest House.

[Day 08 ] Trek to Dira-Puk/5000m, Overnight fix camp.

[Day 09 ] Trek Dira-Puk-Zuthul Puk, 18km, 6-7 hrs, 550m ascent, 600m descent. O/n at fix camp.

[Day 10 ] End of Kailash Parikrama and drive to Manasarovara and then to Saga. O/n geust house.

[Day 11 ] Drive to  Kerung, 2450m: (245km) 6-7 hr. O/n guest House.

[Day 12 ] Drive Kerung, to Kathmandu. O/n at Hotel.

[Day 13 ] Departure – transfer to airport